Financial Statements & Corporate Tax

Putting together your financial statements and optimizing your corporate and personal taxes, that's the easy stuff. Through out the year you may have questions or need advice, and we'll be there to give you a new strategy.

Personal Taxes

For you & your family we will provide a custom experience to ensure you're not paying more taxes than you should. Rental? Sole Proprietor? Investments? We'll make sure you're getting the best results. If the tax auditor comes knocking we'll be right behind you.

Audits & Reviews

We perform audits of financial statements for many variety of  clients. Private corporations. Non-profits & Charities. Housing Co-operatives. We've been known to provide a really streamline and pleasant experience unlike typical auditors.


Fixed Quotes & Transparent Pricing

For all our clients we're up front and transparent about pricing. You will be provided a fixed quote and we stick to it. If there are additional billings you will know about it beforehand, not when you come sign off.





Talk to us without fear of billing

We believe a good relationship with our clients starts with good communication. The more we learn about you the better our strategies. We don't remember the last time a bill was sent to the client relating to time spent taking a phone call or answering emails.





Book an appointment...

What are you waiting for? Give us your contact information so we can book a good time to sit down and talk about your accounting needs.