is my accountant providing service?

This topic is something that comes up all the time when we receive a new client prospect. We always ask people why are they leaving their accountant? The answer is consistently that they’re not receiving a proper relationship from their accountant more or less. Accountants are not just the person who fills out the forms and files your taxes. A lack of accounting service could look like a number of ways:

a) No answer to emails or phone calls

b) When you visit for your sign off meeting you don’t talk about anything meaningful

c) Or you talk about your life or business changes and there’s no real advice provided in that context

d) You only see your accountant once a year at this “not so useful” sign off meeting.

Does this sound like the relationship you’re having with your accountant? That’s not unusual apparently, we hear about these stories all the time. I think anybody that has an accountant should always have a relationship of open communication with their accountant. What’s happening in your life? Are you planning a new business venture? More kids? Retirement? Getting married? No matter what phase of life you’re in, your tax and financial plan should be changing. These are the types of conversations we have all the time with our clients and giving active strategies to address each situation.

Communication is a two way street however, and if you’re not telling us about what’s happening in your life, we’re not going to know to ask the right questions. Next time you visit your accountant tell them a little more about yourself, and talk about your life or finances or whatever.

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